Nov 1, 2007

Big Sean

Big Sean

Big Sean’s Age: 21 (March 25, 1988)
Sean Michael Leonard Anderson is an hip hop artists who is signed by Kanye West’s G.O.O.D. Music and Island Def Jam. Big Sean was born in Santa Moinc, California and moved to Detroit, Michigan.

Big Sean Raised to fame from a local Detroit Hip Hop Station 102.7, where Kanye West discovered him. Kanye West was doing an interview for the Detroit station in 2005, when Big Sean heard he was at the station he raced over. Big Sean met Kanye West and gave him his demo and was allowed to freestyle for him. Mr. West was impressed and eventually signed him to G.O.O.D. Music.

Big Sean has put out a lot of music in the past couple years and is featured on a lot of songs. Big Sean has been associated with Mike Posner, a student at Duke University, making songs such as “Cooler Than Me”, “Speed of Sounds” and more. Big Sean’s Finally Famous- The Mixtape has received a lot of accolade. He also put out “U Know Big Sean- Finally Famous Vol. 2” which was hosted by Mike Boogie.
Big Sean made himself famous through rap battles at a local station and is now on the way to stardom.


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