Sep 3, 2009

Kid Cudi Interview

A few hours ago, I sat down with Mr. Scott Mescudi aka Kid Cudi aka Mr. Man On The Moon.

The last time I interview him, he took me for a walk through Hyde Park so I wasnt sure what to expect this time. As I set up my equipment, I had the our previous interview on playing on my laptop. What was fantastic was that Cudi had already seen the interview. He told me the footage and interview showed alot of people back home the love you can get in London.

Back to the interview. From those who have heard the album, they have all told me that Cudi’s new album is “out there” and is something “you wouldnt expect from him”. That had me intrigued because alot of artists play it safe with their first album but Cudi isnt. So we kicked off the interview with whether it was a conscious decision to make an album that was out of his comfort zone.

Cudi also talks to me about a few tracks on the new album including “Heart Of A Lion (Kid Cudi Theme Music)” and “My World”. The artist tells me that “Heart Of A Lion” is like his “Eye Of The Tiger”.

Towards the end of the interview, Cudi breaks down the Acts in the Scene List and the titles behind them.

Finally the rapper reveals that he is working on his next album but before he puts that out, he wants to release a “compilation album” working with the likes of Kenna, Gree

n Day, Chad Hugo from the Neptunes and many others.


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