Oct 23, 2009


             What do we love so much about a celebrity mishap? Sometimes it’s the unexpected nature of the celebrity actions and most of the time it’s the drama that follows. The sob stories, the blogs, and the apology videos, all of these thing celebrities use to cover up and help forget about a mistake they made. In recent news KanYe West and David Letterman have had some publicity due to their scandalous actions. KanYe West’s recently made VMA history by interrupting Taylor Swift’s award speech. He didn’t agree with the pick for Best Female Video, proclaiming, “Beyonce had the best video of all time”.  Beyonce did later on win Video of the Year! The best way to fix this mishap Kanye, “blame it on the alcohol”. KanYe West was escorted out of the building and later write on his bog apologizes. He wrote "I'm sooooo sorry to Taylor Swift and her fans and her mom." His apology was not taken well as many bloggers are still livid over his remarks. Brandon Jaffe is still angry about his beloved singer, Taylor Swift, being interrupted by KanYe West. Mr. Jaffe says “I love both Taylor Swift and KanYe West, but I don’t see how KanYe West could come back from this one”. KanYe West soon after cancelled his tour, “Fame Kills”, due to unsceficied reasons. These events are still being played in the local media. Others seemed to dodge a train wreck after a his extortion attempt. His scandal is seemingly opposite of KanYe West’s situation. Letterman announced himself that he was victim of a extortion scandal by having information leaked about a sexual relationship of his. Holly Hester was a former CBS employee who was involved with letterman in a secret relationship. Letterman was able to slip in and slip out of the spot light. The first reason his scandal blew over was that he released it on his own terms. When he announced it, it took the surprise element out of it. By exposing himself the tabloids had very little to exploit him about. His humorous tone was big risk, but big reward. He made the event seem less important by laughing about it. David Letterman and KanYe West will be remembered for there mishaps, but more importantly how they recovered from it.


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