Olubawale Victor Folarin, or better known by his stage name, Wale, has released a new record that many believe to be changing the game. Wale was born to two Nigerian parents in Washington D.C. He is singed to multiple record labels; Allido Records, Interscope Records (along with Lady Gaga), and Roc Nation (along with fellow rappers, J.Cole, and Jay Z). Wale’s first studio album is Attention: Deficit came out November 10th 2009. His first single off the album is “Chillin” featuring Lady Gaga, and peaked 12 in the United Kingdom and Top 100 in the United States. Wale has been working in the business for nearly 5 years now, and has produced 7 free mixtapes. His work on Attention: Deficit has attracted the likes of producers Cool & Dre. They are prominent producers who have decided to team up with the superstar Wale. Other guests on the album include Gucci Mane, Jazmine Sullivan, J. Cole, Pharell, Bun B, Lady Gaga, and most importantly K’Naan. K’Naan is a fellow artists shares a common thread with Wale, they are both from immigrant parents. In the music business it is extremely hard to be successful if you are anything but American. Few artists make the cut Rihanna being one of them. Rihanna has also been sampled in Wale’s song Contemplate. The connections to this album are endless and are definitely an album many will remember. An extreme fan of Wale, Cody Acompora, loves him so much he dressed up like him for Halloween. Cody Acompora states “Attention: Deficit is on of those rare albums that captures the true image of art. Many artists have many connections to Attention: Deficit, Wale’s first studio album.


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