Drake snatches the cover of December Vibe Magazine along with Chris Brown on the Alternate Cover. Vibe's entry for Drake is called "Everybody Loves Drake' which is parallel to Chris Brown's post "Every Body Hates Chris". Another thing they have in common besides from this issues is a relatively huge acquaintance.

Check this out.. Drake did a sit down with XXL to fill in the blanks {look at #16}

1. While Lil Wayne is gone I will hold that shit down.
2. My solo debut album will be different from So Far Gone because I now have a different story to tell.
3. I wasn’t on XXL’s freshmen cover last year, and I was happy because it showed me what my team could do in one year.
4. Kanye West is one of a kind.
5. I like to put Lox and Light Cream Cheese on my bagel.
6. My mom said, “I remember her” when she saw my “Best I Ever Had” video.
7. I need a girl who understands life better than I do.
8. If I signed to Cash Money in 1999, instead of 2009, I would still have my original Cash Money chain.
9. The one thing I miss about Toronto, compared to anywhere else, is feeling so far away from my dreams.
10. TV groupies are different from hip-hop groupies because they don’t exist.
11. One thing I haven’t bought yet that I want to buy is patio furniture.
12. The greatest piece of advice I ever got was to write it all down as it happen, because eventually you become numb to it, and I got that from TIP.
13. When people compare my buzz to 50 Cent’s , I think, he’s gonna get ANNNNNGGGRRYY, like the Hulk.
14. I think weed is a nice occasional escape.
15. Fuck bitches, get money.
16. People thought I was dating Rihanna, and that was semi-true.
17. I’m scared to death of dying.
18. I love women who love money, unfortunately.
19. Kandice Henry broke my heart.
20. My most-prized possession is your girlfriend’s heart.


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