Careful the video starts off loud. Kid Cudi gets a wallet thrown at him and decides to take things into his own hands.

Kid Cudi punching the wrong fan after a wallet is thrown at him in Vancouver during his concert.
This one is extended with full audio.
Someone threw their wallet at Kid Cudi and he tried to return it. Everyone in the front claimed that the wallet was theirs so Cudi gave it to one of the guys. It wasn't really his wallet so he felt bad and decided to return it by throwing it back on stage. Kid Cudi took this offensively and jumped off the stage to punch him in the face.

Note: The whole thing was a big misunderstanding on Cudi's part, and maybe not the smartest move for the guy that tried to give back the wallet (since he could have given it to Lost & Found). I'd say Cudi overreacted though, but he is still a great artist.

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