Lil Wayne was arrested in Texas for possession of marijuana.

The US Border Patrol found small traces of marijuana on a couple of rapper Lil’ Wayne’s tour buses (cannibuses?) near the Texas town of Falfurrias and the hip hop (hemp hop?) star is currently being detained, as are 11 others in his posse.
Details are sketchy at this point, but according to TMZ Lil’ Wayne’s entourage were part of a random search by Border Patrol agents that resulted in pot being found on two of the vehicles. It seems pot was not found on any of the persons, and contrary to the misleading headline of this post, no arrests have been made. Lil’ Wayne ‘n’ company are currently being detained at an undisclosed Border Patrol checkpoint. Lil’ Wayne was scheduled to perform tonight at the LaredoEntertainment Center at 7:30. No word yet if that show has been canceled.
UPDATE 2:05 AM EST – Texas must treat pot busts like fishing because the AP is reporting they did the “catch and release” with Lil’ Wayne and his entourage. According to the article, the 12 people were briefly questioned and let go and the case is now in the hands of the Brooks County Sheriff’s Office.
UPDATE: According to “The Laredo Entertainment Center is saying tonight’s concert is ‘postponed until further notice.’” Pro 8 also reports that more than a pound and a half of marijuana was found in a number of baggies. Here is their video report which includes interviews with angry fans out side of the Laredo Entertainment Center just after it was announced the Lil’ Wayne concert had been canceled:


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