Wiz Khalifa, up and coming hip-hop artists just released his most anticipated album “Deal Or No Deal”. His fans have been waiting on this album since his 2008 synthesizer his “Say Yah”. Wiz Khalifa is a hip-hop rapper who represents Pittsburgh but was born in North Dakota. He was born to two military parents and has spent time in multiple cities across the country. Wiz Khalifa’s real name is Cameron Jibril Thomaz, and is signed to Warner Bro.s Records since 2007. His new album release “Deal Or No Deal” has received much accolade and even reached number 1 on the itunes album charts. His single from the album “This Plane” dips into the inner Wiz, and reveals his insecurity, and co-dependence. Before his album release he unveiled a mix tape called “Burn After Rolling” which satirizes the movie Burn After Reading“Deal Or No Deal”, a follow up to his first debut album “Pittsburgh Pride”, surpassed both 50 Cent’s Album (Before I Self Destruct) and Jay-Z’s album (The Blueprint 3). Wiz Khalifa’s biggest influences are Cam’ron, Notorious B.I.G. and Jay-Z. Wiz Khalifa besides from a musical engineer, is also an intellectual. He derives his stage name from the Arabic word khalifa meaning “successor” and Wiz from wisdom. Matt Deustch an avid supporter of Wiz Khalifa expressed his strong feeling towards the album by saying “I have been a fan of Wiz for years now, and was ecstatic to see his album reach number 1 on itunes”. 


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